Our Products PP Spunbond Non Woven Fabrics




Nonwovens are unique, high-tech, engineered fabrics made from fibres and which are used across a wide range of applications and products. Nonwovens are innovative, versatile and indispensable.

In combination with other materials or used alone, nonwovens are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products with diverse properties, crop protection , construction, filtration, healthcare home furnishings, including absorbent hygiene products, wipes, apparel, home furnishings, healthcare and surgical fabrics, engineering, automotive, filtration, pool cover, truck cover and wipes these are just to name but a few.

The characteristic of fabrics allow them to deliver high-performance across a wide range of applications. They are breathable, soft, chemical resistant, non-toxic, conductive, color fast, soft, biodegradable and environmentally friendly amongst the many other features.

These properties are often combined to create fabrics suited for specific jobs, while achieving a good balance between product use-life and cost.

They can mimic the appearance, texture and strength of a woven fabric and can be as bulky as the thickest paddings. In combination with other materials they provide a spectrum of products with diverse properties.

We are capable of producing 3.2 meter wide rolls in single widths and roll lengths and thickness range from 15GSM to 120GSM. Colors can be produced in accordance to the requirement of the client.

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